Our decorative products for the interior and for the exterior boast the highest quality and production standards, skillfully combining the most ancient craft techniques.

Our mixes, Gypsum based and cement-based, define a compact construction and inorganic material that meets the requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 14 January 1985 and thus belongs to the category Class 0.
then we can certainly offer fireproof products and which do not result in toxic fumes. Security and reliability to offer beautiful and safe products.


Also in this case, the creativity of the designer reaches the different tastes of the clients as the array of


We can categorise cornices: the architectural alphabet.
Their various combinations


They are an essential complement in the modern environment as they alow the insertion of a classic context


Architectonic element that us essential for the construction of balconies and terraces. Simple and clean


Our company offers a wide array of essential subjects amongst which: the mantelpieces.

Ceiling roses

This is also an element of high aesthetic impact in fact; one generally finds it at the centre of decorative

Base Reliefs

Since ancient times, the base relief has represented decoration in its most artistic and characteristic aspects

Design subject

To complete our array of products, we inted to widen the variety offered in relation to the interior plaster

Door frame decoration

It is perhaps one of the first elements that one meets before entering a highly decorated environment

Columns and capitals

There are five architectonic orders: three of Greek origin: Doric, Jonic and Corinthian

Decorated Panels

Starting from the easiest and simple in the decoration tools until the most sophisticated once


The proposed size was made following a classical standard.