Creating the world as you have dreamed of it

Made to measure

For some time now, Baldelli-Company has dealt with period villas, luxury hotels, landscape gardens and cruise ships. As a result we are now at the forefront in the field of decoration and “haute couture” for homes.

We tailor our work to customers’ requirements and to their specific cases for hunique places.

We offer the best of our “savoir-faire” with the exclusive: “Baldelli-Company Made to Measure”

Our staff will be glad to analyze any of your problems and calibrate a quote on the needs of your restoration project by giving new life to the ancient moldings.

A line of decorative solutions to bring in the World the Italian Style.

icona eleganti giardiniANCIENT VILLAS
Revolutionary restoration solutions to permit the old houses to turn back to the glories of the past without altering their historical value.

icona eleganti giardiniLUXURIOUS HOTELS
Reception halls, meeting rooms, restaurants, rooms, suites, junior suites, spa and indoor and outdoor common spaces with attention to details and energy efficiency. Our customers are Hoteliers and hotel chains.

icona eleganti giardiniELEGANT GARDENS
Statue, fountain, gazebo or patio are elements that make also the smallest garden unique and personal.

icona ricercate boutiquesSOPHISTICATED BOUTIQUES
Flagship store, showrooms, corner stores and upscale boutiques in Italy and abroad are the highlight of the professionalism of our work teams.

icona navi da crocieraCRUISE SHIPS
Restaurants, meeting rooms, spa, theaters, nightclubs, shops and promenade, prestigious public areas up to every Deck have the signature of our special plaster works, both on the more famous cruise ships and in the intimacy of mega yacht.