Warehouse for plasterers and drywall installers.

Baldelli-Company is the first company to have offered, since the early 1980s, a specialized retail service for plasterers. Baldelli-Company presents its own retail warehouse known as “Il Magazzino” combines high quality goods with constant research into innovative products in the interest of refining an increasingly specialized consultancy service.
All our products and packages can be certified.


  • Plasters, renders, stucco, healing cycle.

    Fassa, Grigolin, Knauf, Gyproc Saint-Gobain, Nuova Siga, Lages, Gessi di Roccastrada

  • Panels

    gypsum blocks, blocks, panels 60*60, mineral fiber panels, aluminum panels, staves, Aquapanel system, aquaroc system, Aquazero system, plasterboard, water-resistant gypsum board, fireproof drywall, plasterboard for thermal insulation, plasterboard for soundproofing.

  • Inspections and Frames

    Frames for sliding doors, trapdoors for wall and ceiling gypsum board, fire-resistant trapdoors, tailored trapdoors.

  • Equipment Plasterers, Plasterers and plasterers

    Wiring accessory boxes, spatulas and knives, shears, trowels, box cutters, rabot, American spatulas, sponge trowels, screeds and leveling rods aluminum or wood made, hammers, pliers, scrapers and grinding, spare parts for plastering machines, gloves, measuring elements.

  • Products for outdoor insulation

    All types of polystyrene, glue, dowels, plastic net, covering of acrylic-siloxane and siloxane finish.

  • Metal structure

    Edge protectors, guides T, guides and posts for plasterboard structures, structures for ceilings 60 * 60, Acoustic Insulation, from Fire Protection, Anti-mildew and rain, NDA, Polymax, Isover, Diasen, Fassa, Saint-Gobain Weber & Broutin, Knauf.

  • Isolamento Acustico, Protezione dal Fuoco, Antimuffa e antipioggia

    NDA, Polymax, Isover, Diasen, Fassa, Saint-Gobain, Weber&Broutin, Knauf

  • Elements for chemical and mechanical fixing

    Silicones, resins, dowels, screws, hangers, anchors, hooks and joints.