Shelter 120 is gypsum based shell containing an electrical box that ensures compliance with REI standards.

Shelter 120 is made up of a hidden box in the plasterboard walls that already includes the small electrical box in its interior for installation and assembly of the modules of the system.
Therefore, the installation of Shelter 120 replaces that of the usual small box, guaranteeing the recovery of the fire resistance of the original wall at the same time, thanks to the property of the plaster and the thermo expanding material.
In REI walls, the slot opening or installation worked niches for the collation in appropriate small boxes of modules of the electrical system, nullify the resistance to fire of the same as the completeness is compromised.
Shelter 120 has the purpose of guaranteeing the permanence of a resistance to fire of up to REI 120 even where the placement of the modules for electrical systems compromises the conformity to the approved prototype and, therefore the certified resistance to fire.

The plan was that Shelter 120 be inserted in a REI plasterboard wall realised with simple or double slab, both with or without insulating: moreover, it is used for other kinds of REI walls.

In addition to the abovementioned advantages, Shelter 120 offers an installation facility comparable to those of a traditional module carrier box.


On account of the methods traditionally used in the realisation of electrical systems, two different situations can present themselves:

  • installation to finished wall
  • installation in the realisation of the plasterboard wall